Youth 4 Christ

Y4C also known as Youth For Christ is and has been a youth group at Endtime Evangelical Ministries. This department is for the young people from age 14.


Every year we have a new theme that serves as a goal to reach by the end of the year. Throughout the year, Y4C organises and hosts different activities to celebrate, advertise and bring people closer to God. We have events like; GYPO (Get Your Praise On), Y4C's Got Talent, Youth Meetings, Proms, BBQ Parties, Youth Sunday, Evangelism, Award Dinner Parties.. to mention but a few. We also organise days out to places like the beach, ice skating, roller skating etc for some fun and bonding between the youths. 

Y4C are growing rapidly in the Lord with the help of the Pastors and the leaders of the church. 

Any and every one is welcome to join Y4C. We have social media pages where we advertise our events, new youth leaders and award winners. We also keep the public posted on what events we're having so that everyone is aware.