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God is expectant of us all

What he expects of us is in the 'The great commission'
The great commission talks about Going, Healing, Deliverance and Following.
Though we brought food, clothing, and money to give the people, they will not last or sustain them for very long. Our prayer is that God enlightens the people to know Him better. We want to empower them to seek knowledge and better themselves through trades, businesses and living a healthy lifestyle.

Led by Pastors Emmanuel and Rhoda Ikotun, the Missionaries were spectacularly prepared for action and spiritual warfare as we headed back to West Africa - Nigeria; hoping to bring Light and Hope. As we know, that hope never dissapoints.
We had several new members, who patnered with us this year, both from Nigeria and the UK

First we headed to the state of Abeokuta, where we were invited to visit an Orphanage Gideon Children’s Home.  There, we were able to witness first hand the cruelty of life that the young children were exposed to from birth; as we were told the awful stories of how many of them were found in terrible conditions.
One child was found by the river. He was a blind little boy who remembered his parents dropping him off but did not know where he was.
This orphanage requires our help in providing better facilities and equipments like child-size wheelchairs; as they were having to make do with a big wheelchair which was not ideal for the immobile kids. It was a very emotional visit.

The next couple of days, we travelled to Ibadan where we stayed in Abase for the mission in order to pray, organise and pack the materials donated and bought for the mission.
We packed writing materials in school bags that were donated to the Mission school - Glorious Kiddies Academy. They were very grateful and appreciated us with a song.
We also prepared several packages for men, women, young children and babies; containing clothing items, toys, shoes and bags.

Freedom in Christ Crusade Nigeria 2017 was amazing.  The mission crew was larger this year and with so many people on our team, we were able to achieve so much more, running different activities all at once and making great impact in the village of Ikereku.

We had some of our Missionaries leading the children department; they were making a loud noise, singing and reciting memory verses. It was spectacular!

We had the youth session, led by Sister Eleasha and Sister Rhoda.
It was amazing; a large number of young people were gathered together to be encouraged and inspired.

We ran Health check clinics for two days; conducted by Pastor Rhoda, along with Nurse Mary, Nurse Sarah, Nurse Marian, Sis Blessing and Lev Helen; with a long line of attenders; checking vital signs like Blood pressure, Heart rate and blood sugar. Giving advice on health and lifestyle; with the help of Sis Mercy, Brother AY, Brother Tayo and Pastor Emmanuel who were able to provide interpretation where necessary.

This year, it was outstanding that the young Missionaries were able to mix and interact with the young people in the village and It was just so amazing to see their High Hopes, expectations and dreams. It would be so wonderful to see how the future pans out for them, as they were so ambitious and confident about the future regardless of their current situations. They were easy to talk to and full of jokes. A particular young lady shared her gratitude in having the privilege of completing her secondary education, and hopes to become a teacher, to also make an impact someday.

We also had an amazing camera crew, including our very own Sister Juliana who helped capture our journey in pictures and videos. So, please check us out on YouTube, the mission details are right there to enjoy and see the things that you donated being given out to people in need.
Please support our future Projects - Send a child to school for £25/year, help raise money of a child-size wheelchair, or donate towards our Mission next year. God bless.




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